Frequently Asked Questions by New Users:

Why is data analytics useful?

Data analysis refers to a process where data/information is processed to identify trends,patterns and groupings. With the recollected information predictions and conclusions are created and become useful when taking decisions. It allows users to have a clearer view of big quantities of data and provides the tools to review and work with their data in an organized manner.

How can I implement A.I. and Machine Learning into my business?

Breaking down information and making it easy to understand while avoiding complicated manual processes is key to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Focused around breaking, analyzing the tools allow you to automate processes and therefore predict future actions. 

You can use it for things such as marketing, e-commerce, retail or manufacturing amongst many others. Some of the benefits such as running sentiment analysis will allow you to extract the overall satisfaction in a set of product reviews, or in comments. Provides with predictions of user needs and interests as well as demand forecasting.

You can also benefit from the possibility of fraud detection algorithms,event detection keyword extractions and much more!

Do I need to know how to write code to use SPREEV?


Not knowing how to write code does not have to limit how you handle your information and how to filter it correctly. SPREEV allows you to access the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning without having to know code. Kristta allows you to access already created Machine Learning models. Machine Learning models are files that are trained to recognize certain patterns, and it is created and provided from our end. A model can be compared to a computer software, where it works based on previous patterns and behaviours, the learning algorithm outputs a model which captures said patterns and makes predictions on new data.

What differentiates SPREEV from other similar tools?

With us, unlike with other tools you don't need to know code. You don't have to be an expert in data science to access all the tools and benefits A.I. can provide.

This allows you to have a simple and easy way to analyze data and improve business or organization decision-making. Its A.I. and Machine learning made simple. It provides the autonomy and control over your business that you need.

How can I get started with SPREEV?

Getting started is simple, and that is the best part of it! We have divided it into three simple steps.

UPLOAD : Upload the information from a CSV file or another SAAS platforms.

MODEL : Choose one of the provided Machine Learning models and analyze the data. Select the model that best adapts to your needs and will help you process and receive the information you need.

PREDICT : Make decisions. Use the output information to understand and decide whats best based on your data.

Can I integrate SPREEV to other tools I am already using?
When uploading data into SPREEV you can import data from other SAAS applications like Sales Force, Sales Force Marketing Cloud, Slack, Snowflake, Market, Facebook, Twitter, Zendesk, Microsoft CR, Dynamics, JDBC Connector.

 You can also bring data in from your relational data store such as MS SQL server, Oracle, MySQL, Postgre SQL

What is SPREEV pricing model?
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